selected works featured in Dr. Lathardus Goggins II's research and discussions on the African-centered Rites of Passage Process/Model and related issues.

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Title: Bringing The Light Into A New Day: African-centered Rites of Passage (25th anniversity edition)

Author: Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

Year: 2023

ISBN: 978-0-96-6397284

Publisher: Saint Rest Publications

Light is a metaphor for opportunity, hope and wisdom.  Our light is our heritage, a dynamic interaction of the past and future to create new solutions for our present.  If we do not bring this light into the new day, then we doom ourselves to be cast in the faint light of others’ interpretations of “our” capabilities.  African-American families and communities must bring the light into the new day, so our children can see their unique genius.  How to bring this light?  African-centered Rites of Passage! More Bringing the light


Title: African-centered Rites of Passage & Education: Culturally Responsive Social Emotional Learning

Author: Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

Year: 2022

ISBN: 978-0-96-6397222

Publisher: Saint Rest Publications

Description: African-centered Rites of Passage and Education: Culturally Responsive Social Emotional Learning is the 25th-year edition update of the original 1996 publication. More African-centered Rites of Passage and Education 2022

Title: Facing the Rising Sun: Lessons for
the Authentic Self

Author: Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

Year: 2021

UPC: 1-95893-54151-5

Publisher: Saint Rest Publications

Description: Facing the Rising Sun: Forty-nine Lesson for the Authentic Self is a card deck resource to help build a positive social-emotional, conscious, and competent sense of self rooted in the African-centered principles of the Nguzo Saba. The Facing the Rising Sun card deck is organized into seven suits (one for each principle); with seven lessons for each principle. More Bringing the light

Bringing The Light Into A New Day

Title: Foundations: African-centered Education

Author: Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9663972-6-0 (e-book)

Publisher: Saint Rest Publications

Referencing David Walker, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, Steve Biko, and others, Lathardus Goggins II articulates a clear concise rationale and justification for the practice of African-centered education in current American educational context. From which, Dr. Goggins identifies standards to be used to assess the quality of an African-centered education practice.


365 Black Nuggets of Wisdom



Bringing The Light Into A New Day
version has full color pages and links to additional information.


Title: 365 Black: Nuggets of Wisdom

Editor: Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

Year: 2023

ISBN: 978-0-9663972-4-6 (paperback)

Publisher: Saint Rest Publications

365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is a collection of quotes, proverbs, and sayings that represent a very small sample of the collective wisdom within the African experience. This book is meant to help the reader to become aware of and connect to the wisdom forged in the African experience; a wisdom and experience often overlooked, undervalued, or assumed not to exist. 365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is organized by month and date. Each day has a specific "nugget" of wisdom - each is an opportunity to reflect on a thought/idea/value rooted in African cultural heritage. 365 Black Nuggets of Wisdom has several of the "best" known quotations and many other powerful words. You will be moved to reflect, act, and grow. Whether you are looking for the perfect quote or wanting a thought of the day you have more than 365 quotes, sayings, and proverbs.More 365 Black Nuggets of Wisdom


Other books & resources

Title: I Write What

Steve Biko - I write what I like

Author: Steve Biko

Publisher: Bowerdean Publishing




Title: Coming of Age

African American Male Rites of Passage

Author: Paul Hill Jr.

Publisher: African American Images


This book asks about the foundation of Rites of Passage and how can the Black community institutionalize rites of passage as part of the process of rearing male children?


Title: Herstory: Black Female Rites of Passage

Black Female Rites of Passage

Author: Mary C. Lewis

Publisher: African American Images

ISBN: 091354308X

When does a girl become a woman? This author provides a wealth of information about the physical, social, emotional, and cultural development of young Black females.


Title: Cool Pose

Cool Pose

Author: R. Majors & J. M. Billson

ISBN: 0671865722

Publisher: Touchstone

Behind the mask of "cool"--a clear-eyed look at how African American inner-city youths defend themselves against the indignities, inequities, and injuries of ghetto life--a pose that leads to the real alienation of these young men from both the white world and their own communities.


Title: Experience & Education

John Dewey - Experience and Education

Author: John Dewey

ISBN: 0684838281

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company



Title: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass - Life of Frederick Douglass

Author: Frederick Douglass

ISBN: 0385007051

Publisher: Anchor

This dramatic autobiography of the early life of an American slave was first published in 1845, when its young author had just achieved his freedom. Douglass' eloquence gives a clear indication of the powerful principles that led him to become the first great African-American leader in the United States.


Title: The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Author: W. E. B. DuBois

ISBN: 0486280411

Publisher: Dover

A collection of 14 essays which records the cruelties of racism, celebrates the strength and pride of Black America, and explores the paradoxical "double consciousness" of African-American life. Published at the turn of the century, The Souls of Black Folks was a call to action by author and educator W.E.B. Du Bois after decades of social injustice following the end of the Civil War. Though an admirer of Booker T. Washington, Du Bois contended that Washington's push for blacks to relinquish, albeit temporarily, their political strength and quest for civil rights and higher education to focus on building wealth and "industrial education" for themselves, contributed to their own "civil inferiority." Gaining the right to vote, civic equality and access to education based on ability were key, Du Bois insisted, to breaking the color barrier.


Title: Success Runs In Our Race

George Fraser

Author: George Fraser

ISBN: 038072622X

Publisher: Avon Books

The founder and CEO of SuccessSource, Inc. reveals the ways in which African Americans can network for information, for influence, and for resources--not just for individual attainment, but also to benefit the entire African-American community.


Title: Life Cycle Completed

Erik Erikson

Author: Erik Erikson

ISBN: 0393317722

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

Featuring a new chapter by Joan Erikson on the joys and challenges of a ninth stage of life, "Very Old Age," a classic study of the developmental stages in the human life cycle examines such themes as the interdependence of history and life history, identity crises, and the definition of maturity.


Title: The Isis Papers

The Isis Papers

Author: Frances Cress Welsing

ISBN: 0883781042

Publisher: Third World Press



Title: Facing Mt. Kenya

Facing Mt. Kenya

Author: Jomo Kenyatta

ISBN: 0394702107

Publisher: Random House




Title: The Death of White Sociology

Death of White Sociology

Editor: Joyce A. Ladner

ISBN: 1574780077

Publisher: Black Classic Press

Edited by Howard University professor Joyce Ladner, The Death of White Sociology offers brilliant descriptions of black identity with excellent essays from writers like Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray, who take aim at the "social science fiction" of Euro-American sociological analysis, as well as political scientist Ron Walters's "Toward a Definition of Black Social Science" and E. Franklin Frazier's unsentimental critique, "The Failure of the Negro Intellectual." In a new foreword, Ladner notes that when the anthology was originally published in 1973, it "provoked healthy debates over a range of issues: Does Black sociology exist? If so, what are its theoretical assumptions, and what is the range of subject matter it covers?" The writers gathered within these pages provide diverse answers to those questions, examining--and refuting--Eurocentric distortions of what and who black people are.



Title: The Mis-Education of the Negro

Mis-education of the Negro

Author: Carter G. Woodson

ISBN: 086543171X

Publisher: Red Sea Press, Inc.



 Title: In Pursuit of Purpose

In the Pursuit Purpose

Author: Myles Munroe

ISBN: 1560431032

Publisher: Destiny Images

Myles Munroe redirects the readers attention to the centrality of identifying one's purpose in life as the key to achievement and fulfillment.


 Title: Raising Black Children

Raising Black Children

Author: James P. Comer and Alvin Poussaint

ISBN: 0452268397

Publisher: Plume

Along with the traditional demands of parenthood,black parents face an even more challenging task--fighting the negative messages of racism while teaching their children to succeed in a white-dominated culture, building self-esteem,helping children cope with racism, teaching children to excel in school. In this timely book, two eminent psychiatrists address these concerns.


Title: Rituals: Power, Healing and Community

Rituals Power Healing

Author: Malidoma Patrice Somè

ISBN: 0140195580

Publisher: Penguin

The stories within these books have the poignancy of new discoveries as well as the unworn imagination of the ancestors. The commentary has the sharp edge of modern thought and the intricacy which results from the intellect being woven through the ritual complexities of tribal life. The purpose of constructing thresholds that bring this world together is to find the powers that can heal the rends in tribal as well as modern communities.


Title: The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South

Author: Kenneth M. Stampp

ISBN: 0679723072

Publisher: Vintage Books



 Title: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Author: Paulo Freire

ISBN: 0826406114

Publisher: Continuum Publishing Group

On the 20th anniversary of its publication, this classic manifesto is updated with an important new preface by the author. Freire reflects on the impact his book has had, and on many of the issues it raises for readers in the 1990s. These include the fundamental question of liberation and inclusive language as it relates to Freire's own insights and approaches.


Title: Man's Search for Meaning

Author: Viktor E. Frankl

ISBN: 0671023373

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Internationally renowned psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl endured years of unspeakable horror in Nazi death camps. During, and partly because of, his suffering, Dr. Frankl developed a revolutionary approach to psychotherapy known as logotherapy. At the core of his theory is the belief that man's primary motivational force is his search for meaning.


 Title: Art of War

Author: Sun Tzu

ISBN: 0877734526

Publisher: Randon House

This new translation of the Chinese masterpiece of military strategy helps readers apply the principles of military victory to relationships in their own lives and teaches how to bring about the desired outcome in all the challenges of life. Sun Tzu has been eagerly studied by modern politicians and executives as by military leaders since ancient times, this 2,000-year-old work studies competition and conflict on every level, from the interpersonal to the international


Title: Race Matters

Author: Cornell West

ISBN: 0679749861

Publisher: Vintage Books

The scholar, theologian, and activist who has been acclaimed as one of the most eloquent voices in our ongoing racial debate now bridges the gulf between black and white America in a work of enormous resonance and moral authority. West takes on the questions of politics, economics, ethics,and spirituality and addresses the crisis in black leadership.



Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood : The Passage

by Nathan Hare and Julia Hare


The Rites of Passage

by Arnold Van Gennep and Arnold Vangenner


Title: How To Be: Contemporary Etiquette for African Americans

Author: Harriette Cole

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 0684826453

Drawing on ancient sages and anecdotal tales, Cole covers general codes of conduct and every particular from dating, travel, and work to money, politics, and family. More conversational than an Emily Post treatise, more reflective than a simple laundry list of do's and don'ts, Cole's How To Be is as much a guide for the spirit as it is for specific behaviors. Still, she does take on specific questions that represent common quandaries, such as "What can I do when my child comes home proclaiming that he has changed his religion?" and "Do I have to change my vocabulary when I am speaking with elders?" and "I am in love with a wonderful man, but my family doesn't like him at all. How can I manage this?" Cole's answers reflect the history and culture of the African American community.



Title: Basic Black: Home Training for Modern Times

Authors: Karen Grigsby Bates, Karen E. Hudson (Contributor)

Publisher: Doubleday

ISBN: 0385484348

A straightforward guide to gracious living and etiquette for contemporary members of the African-American middle class provides information on the social rites of passage, the new corporate workplace, special occasions, and everyday rules and rituals. The information in Basic Black goes from "CP Time" to "Don't You Dare," from addressing your wedding invitations to addressing a police officer who has perhaps arbitrarily stopped you as you're driving through the city. It covers traditional etiquette, such as table settings, being a good host, letter writing, and tipping. And it covers the essentials.of black American tradition: joining a church, mentoring young people, planning a funeral, family reunions, participating in clubs and organizations. In addition, some delicate areas seldom discussed in other etiquette books are addressed here, such as race in the workplace, handling service people who are less-than-enthusiastic about having black customers, and keeping your job and your temper when racial slurs are used in your presence. This book is for everyone. Bates and Hudson wrote Basic Black for men as well as women: check "And Brother, Remember" for tips on entertaining at home, dating etiquette, opening a champagne bottle, and planning a wedding with the love of your life.



Title: Crossroads:The Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage

Editor: Louise Carus Mahdi

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812691903

Crossroads is a comprehensive collection of fifty cutting-edge writings on diverse aspects of the transition to adulthood. These contributions include poignant first-hand accounts of personal experiences with powerful rites of passage, practical information about contemporary professional work by individuals or organizations working with youth in transition, anthropological descriptions of rites of passage, inspiring mythic stories from several cultures, and meditations on life transitions in relation to contemporary problems such as the epidemic of teen pregnancies.



Title: The Afrocentric Self Inventory and Discovery Workbook

Author: Useni Eugene Perkins

Publisher: Third World Press

ISBN: 0883780437

This book is an essential tool for anyone working with African American children & Youth. It clearly defines self-esteem and the importance of it as we move to educate, enrich & empower our children. History and culture are shown as an intricate component in creating a foundation of self-love and high self-esteem.



Title: Repairing the Breach : Key Ways to Support Family Life, Reclaim Our Streets, and Rebuild Civil Society in America's Communities

Authors: Bobby William Austin (Editor), Andrew Young (Editor)

Publisher: Noble Press

ISBN: 1879360454

Distinguished African American leaders provide solutions to the problems faced by young black men in the U.S., based on findings by a task force assembled in 1994 by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Chaired by Andrew Young, the Task Force founded its carefully researched recommendations largely on grass roots programs around the country which have been successful in rebuilding lives and communities.



Title: Magical Child

Author: Joseph C. Pearce

Publisher: Plume


Right from the instant of birth, says Joseph Pearce, the human child has only one concern-to learn all that there is to learn about the world. But in the West we tend to thwart this concern from the very start. Available once again, Magical Child shows how to restore this amazing capacity for creative intelligence that is innate in every human. Pearce speaks to the concerns of parents eager to give their offspring a good start in the world, explaining that the key to tapping virtually unlimited potential within the child is to develop the heart-brain connection.


Title: HELP! I'm Raising My Children Alone

Author: T. D. Jakes

Publisher: Creation House


A wise guide for single parents-- and those who sometimes feel they are.



Title: Africans in America : America's Journey Through Slavery (Pbs Series)

Authors: Patricia Smith, Charles Richard Johnson, WGBH series research team

Publishers: Harcourt Brace

ISBN: 0151003394

This extraordinary book--the accompanying volume to the PBS series--looks at the history of slavery in the United States with an honesty that reveals both horror and heroism in the common humanity of all Americans. Uncovering the indigenous history of African slavery and the involvement of Arab and European nations, it then traces the journey of enslaved Africans across the "Middle Passage" of the Atlantic to the Caribbean and America.



Title: Remembering Slavery : African American Talk About Their Personal Experiences of Slavery

Author: Ira Berlin (Editor)

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 1565844254

This collection brings forth, through both sight and sound, as Remembering is a book-and-tape set, the poignant voices of people who had been slaves. The recordings of interviews with former slaves were conducted by the Federal Writers Project in the early 1930s. The interviewers included such luminaries as Zora Neale Hurston and John Lomax, who talked to the ex-slaves about their relationships with their former owners and their relationships with other slaves. The editors' interpolations are kept to a minimum and are used strictly to tie themes together, without disrupting the accounts of those who lived much of their early lives as slaves. There are many brutal and cruel memories: one woman recounts how her head was misshaped in childhood by an abusive mistress. Overall the interviewees provide a day-to-day account of their lives, their work regimens, which varied with geography and the types of crops cultivated, and the culture they sustained under the oppressive conditions of slavery in the U.S. They recall everyday minor rebellions that helped them to maintain a sense of control and dignity and ongoing attempts to formulate families in a system that didn't respect marriage among slaves.



Title: Rebels Against Slavery : American Slave Revolts

Authors: Pat McKissack, Frederick L. McKissack

Publisher: Scholastic Trade

ISBN: 0590457357




Images of African Sisterhood : Initiation and Rites of Passage to Womanhood

by Nsenga Warfield-Coppock, Afia N. Akoto


Passing on the Rites of Passage : Girls' Initiation Rites in the Context of an Urban Roman Catholic Community on the Zambian Copperbelt

by Thera Raising


Transformation : A Rites of Passage Manual for African American Girls

by Mafori Et Al Moore


Rites of Passage : Stories About Growing Up by Black Writers from Around the World

by Tonya Bolden (Editor)


Blacks in the White Establishment?

by Richard Zweignhaft



Growing Up African American in Catholic Schools
by Michele Foster (Editor)




Reversing Underachievement Among Gifted Black Students : Promising Practices and Programs (Education and Psychology of the Gifted Series (Paper))
by Donna Y. Ford




Shooting for Excellence : African American and Youth Culture in New Century Schools
by Jabari Mahiri



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African Centered Rites of
Passage and Education

Bringing The Light Into A New Day:
African Centered Rites of Passage