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365 Black Nuggets of Wisdom


365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is a collection of quotes, proverbs, and sayings that represent a sample of the collective wisdom within the African experience. This book is meant to help the reader to become aware of and connect to the wisdom forged in the African experience; a wisdom and experience often overlooked, undervalued, or assumed not to exist.

365 Black Nuggets: Wisdom for Each Day of the Year is organized by month and date. Each day has a specific "nugget" of wisdom - each is an opportunity to reflect on a thought/idea/value rooted in African cultural heritage.

365 Black Nuggets has several of the "best" known quotations and many other powerful words. You will be moved to reflect, act, and grow. Whether you are looking for the perfect quote or wanting a thought of the day you have more than 365 quotes, sayings, and proverbs from 117 different scholars, artist, and activists and 37 diferent ethnic groups, countries, or cultural traditions. To view the index [CLICK HERE].

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