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National Museum of African American History and Culture

Association for the Study of African American Life & History

National Council of Black Studies

Facing History and Ourselves
Black History Month Resource Collection


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Spirit and Worship


Black Culture Connection - African Americans

African Cyber Space

African Proverbs

African Symbolism

African Diaspora

Maps of the
African Diaspora

African Centered Text (1990-2000): A Decade of Protracted Engagement


Links to Black Inventors and Contributions

Little Known Black History Facts -

Jim Crow: Museum of Racist Memorabilia

The History of Jim Crow

Columbia Univ. Libraries - African American Studies Links

Columbia Univ. Libraries - African Studies Links

American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology

National Visionary Leadership Project

African/Native American Genealogy

Black Cowboys

Who were the Buffalo Soldiers?

African American Military History

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

The Freedmen's Bureau Online

The King Center

Martin Luther King Jr. Research & Education Institute

Council of Black Independent Institutions

Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA

African American Success Foundation

Virtual Jim Crow Museum

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

Malcolm X: Research Site

Ida B. Wells

Association for the Study of African American Life and History (Carter G. Woodson)

W. E. B. DuBois Learning Center

The Church in the Southern Black Community

Langston Hughes

African Diaspora-Columbia University

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Sojourner Truth

W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

Stanford University Library: - African

Stanford University Library: - African American


Frederick Douglass' Remarkable Life, From Slavery To 'American Wonder'

Frederick Douglass Papers Project

Frederick Douglass Virtual Museum

Frederick Douglass Documents

Frederick Douglass Papers
at the Library of Congress

Teaching Tolerance -

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

American Slavery

Life Of Last-Known Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Survivor Sheds Light On Dark Chapter In U.S. History

Re-Imagining the South: Using Whitney Plantation to Teach Antebellum America. Lesson Plans

Without Sanctuary: Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America 

The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers Project, UCLA

Malcolm X

Great Big Story: Black History Playlist

Black Inventors Museum


Zinn Education Project {Teaching People's History} African Americans

Cyndi's List African American Libraries, Archives & Centers

Google digitized magazine archives -
Johnson Publishing Company

Google Search:
American American Museums

Image Search: Frederick Douglass / Booker T. Washington / W. E. B. DuBois / Marcus Garvey / Harriet Tubman / Martin Delany / Carter G. Woodson / Fannie Lou Hamer / Ida B. Wells / Nat Turner / Martin King Jr. / Malcolm X /


Blackish season 4 premiere, The Roots give a perfect explanation of why we celebrate Juneteenth.

Barack Obama Archive


Amid 1619 anniversary ...


Book of Negroes

History Channel Roots (2016) - Resource Guide

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965) 

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What does it mean to be African-centered?
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Facing the Rising Sun: Lessons for the Authentic Self

East Coast Black Age of Comic Convention


Bringing the Light Into a New Day365 Black: Nuggets of Wisdom

Nuggets of wisdom, Saint Rest Publications, Lathardus Goggins II

Nuggets of Wisdom

Africa's Great Civilizations by Henry Louis Gates, Jr 

Wonders of Africa

African Americans Many Rivers to Cross


Selma March

Say Brother Collection 

In Black America collection

Eyes on the Prize I Interviews Collection





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