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Habari gani?!

Kwanzaa - Kujichagulia

Kwanzaa (First Fruits) is essentially a harvest celebration. Like any harvest festival, Kwanzaa is a recognition and appreciation the results (harvest) from the previous season of planning, planting, nurturing, and work. While Kwanzaa is celebrated for seven days (Dec. 26 - Jan. 1), it is the practice (planning, planting, nurturing, and work) of the Nguzo Saba during the remaining 358 days that produce the harvest.

Kwanzaa Things to Do...

Kujichagulia Kujichagulia
ujima Ujima
Ujamaa Ujamaa
Nia Nia
Kuumba Kuumba
Imani Imani

Kwanzaa week challenge ...

A Season's Griot ...

A Season's Griot is public radio's only nationally syndicated Kwanzaa program. Hosted for the last 23 years by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, this annual one-hour special captures tales and traditions of African-American and African peoples.

Kwanzaa with The Wright!


Welcome to our virtual celebration of Kwanzaa! Each night, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History will stream songs and dances, storytelling, poetry reading, and more to mark the occasion. Be prepared to take in the festive sights and sounds of the holiday, and replicate the fun in your home!

Kwanzaa at the Chrales H. Wright Museum

NAACP Akron Ujamaa 2021


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