Effective Interactions with African-American Males

Effective Interactions with African American Males

Course Description:

Using an African-centered philosophical worldview and a racial socialization framework, this seminar will critically examine the social and emotional effects of racism on the academic, occupational, cultural and relational well being of African-American males. Students will discuss relevant readings, conduct a media analysis, critique community-based research, and share self-reflections. Throughout the semester, students will be asked to analyze intervention strategies, services and programs targeting African-American males. The final project is to present an African-American male initiative that seeks to restore/develop a healthy definition of Black manhood. In addition, students will periodically discuss topics and share activities via video conference with the Psycho-educational Interactions with Black Males class offered by the Graduate School of Education and Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA).

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Last updated November 9, 2021

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References & Readings

African American Men and Boys Task Force
Request for Proposals

First Person Research

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Additional Resources:

Racial Oppression and Socialization

Stories of Plantation Life - Narratives from those who were enslaved

Report Examines Lynchings And Their Legacy In The United States

Inside the memorial to victims of lynching

Without Sanctuary

Lynching data by state (1)

Lynching data by state (2)

Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon

1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission

1898 Wilmington, NC Google Search


Examples of the "doll test"


Wrestling with Destiny: The Cultural Socialization of Anger and Healing
in African American Males

'Whistling Vivaldi' And Beating Stereotypes

'Whistling Vivaldi,' Fighting Stereotypes

Baratunde Thurston Explains 'How To Be Black'

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race

Reconsidering The 'Culture Of Poverty'


"The Black Candle" Trailer, Narrated by Maya Angelou, Directed M. K. Asante Jr. on Vimeo.




Black Americans are forced to operate our entire lives in battle mode. It’s utterly exhausting

Masculinity / Black Male Image

Hidden Voices of Black Men: The Meaning, Structure, and Complexity of Manhood

The Masculinity Project

Barack & Curtis: Manhood, Power & Respect

Hip Hop: Beyond the Beats & Rhymes

Negative Images 'Brainwash' African Americans

Young Men of Color in the Media: Images and Impact

Study: White and black children biased toward lighter skin

“Same Old Stories”: The Black Male in Social Science and Educational Literature, 1930s to the Present



Fathers’ Involvement With Their Children: United States, 2006–2010

The CDC report complements research on fathers by the Pew Research Center, which reported the changing definition of fatherhood in the United States - A greater percentage of black fathers, when compared with white and Hispanic fathers, fed or ate meals with children daily, bathed, diapered or dressed children daily, played with children daily, and read to children daily.

Rites of Passage / Education / Development

Addressing the African American Achievement Gap: Three Leading Educators Issue a Call to Action

Education is a Public Good from Sean Harris on Vimeo.

College Board Advocacy & Policy Center:

-The Educational Crisis FacingYoung Men of Color

- The Educational Experience of Young Men of Color

- Transforming the Educational Experience of Young Men of Color

- A Review of Research, Pathways and Progress

Changing the Game for Young Black Males in America


A Call for Change: Providing Solutions for Black Achievement 

Too Important to Fail resources.

Coalition for African-Centered Rites of Passage

Selected Clips from "The Journey: The Story of the National Rites of Passage Institute" from National Rites of Passage Institute on Vimeo

American Promise

American Promise - Teaching Tolerance Professional Development

The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males

How to improve black male graduation rates

The crisis in education for Philadelphia's black and Hispanic boys

The African American and Latino Male Dropout
Taskforce Report

Visibly Invisible: The Reality of Five Black Boys in a Public High School

Rite of Passage Programs as Effective Tools for Fostering Resilience Among Low-Income African American Male Adolescents

Harlem Children's Zone Breaks Poverty Pattern

Capitalizing on leadership capacity: gifted African American males in high school

A Study of Academically High Achieving, Economically Challenged African American Young Men

A Qualitative Study of Resilience among African American Adolescent Male Students in North Carolina

Black Males’ Structural Conditions, Achievement Patterns, Normative Needs, and “Opportunities”

The Color of Discipline

Implicit racial bias causes black boys to be disciplined at school more than whites, federal report finds

Young Black Males: Anger, Aggression and Perception

Paths to Success: A Forum on Young African-American Men

Children's Aid Society Publications - The African American Male Initiative: Creating Success

Little boy lost: the truth about achievement numbers for black males is staring administrators in the face. What can you do?

First Person/College Ambassadors

Raising Him Alone (RHA)

Alchemy, Inc

Alchemy - Finding the Gold Within

A principal met a student she expelled, and it changed her approach to discipline


Dayton public school board votes unanimously to establish Office of Black Male Achievement

Success in these schools? Visual counter narrative of young men of color.

Reframing Success of High Achieving Black and Latino Males

Are there more US black men in prison or college?

Undoing the Myth of the School to Prison Pipeline

Criminal Justice


A Video Of A White Woman Calling The Police On A Black Man In Central Park Goes Viral

White Woman Who Called Police On Black Bird-Watcher In Central Park Has Been Fired

Racism Review: Scholarship & Actism Toward Racial Justice

Black Men's Jail Time Hits Entire Communities

Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center at Northeastern University

Analysis of Racial Disparities in the NYPD's Stop, Question, and Frisk Practices

Watching Certain People

North Carolina Department of Correction

Criminal Justice and Policing Practices: The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil Rights held a hearing on criminal justice and policing practices.

Bryan Stevenson Discussing Just Mercy and the legacy of racism

What Will It Take To Protect Black Americans From Police Violence?


Initiatives / Symposia

Forward Promise

Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color

American Promise: Black Male Achievement Gap

2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys

Journal of African American Males in Education (JAAME)

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