The Nation Builders of the Akron African Village

The Akron Nation Builders is a diverse alliance of individuals operating in the Greater Akron community and surrounding college campuses. The Nation Builders seek to (1) assist and develop institutions and organizations working to represent and promote the village concept; (2) promote enhancement and timely communication to improve cooperation and networking; and (3) speak out on public policy and advocate for social justice for and the liberation of African people. The Akron Nation Builders will support an agenda that reflect the well being of both the Akron African Community and the authenic self. We do so primarily by working to nurture healthy family, youth development/education, authentic cultural expression, economic development, safety, and wholistic health (body, mind, and spirit).


Nation Builder Mid Life Transformational Process

If you are between the ages of 30 to 54 then we invite you to attend the Akron Rites of Passage Institute Nation Builder Mid Life Transformational Process information session. Please RSVP your attendance to any of those listed in the invitation for the session that best meets your schedule.


Habari gani?! .... What's the news?

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Thank you to all who participated and help support The Akron Summit. We are currently processing the information, recommendations, and information collected. We will soon post updates, materials, and strategies. A luta continua!!