Information and links to support Black-owned businesses (in the Greater Akron area).

How long does money stay in the various communities? 

A dollar circulates for:

Blacks in America have about a $1.3 trillion gross national income. Only 2% of that money, about $26 billion, is re-circulated in the black community.  Just 2¢ of the "average" black person's dollar is spent with a black-owned business (or the average black person spends 98¢ of every dollar supporting other peoples communities).

Imagine if black folks increased the re-circulation rate from (the current) 2% to 6% (from 2¢ to 6¢). That would be an extra $52,000,000,000.00 (billion) in our communities (that would the equivalent giving every black person [adult and child] living in the U.S. a $1,400.00 annual stimulus check).

running list of Black-owned businesses in Akron.

250 Ohio black owned businesses

We Buy Black

United Black Fund Achieves Maximum Results Ohio's only Black federated human services organization partners with other financial institutions to help small nonprofits. -