What is the Black Child Journal?

The Black Child Journal is published by the National Rites of Passage Institute and was created as a means to advocate for Black children and their families through accomplishing the following objectives:
  • Provide relevant information on critical issues, history and culture that impact Black children and their families;
  • Provide an in depth analysis of substantive policies and programs which can improve the overall welfare of Black children and their families;
  • Provide activists, practitioners and scholars with a literary voice to share their practices, research and views which can best serve the needs of Black children and their families

Paul Hill, Jr


Published by the National Rites of Passage Institute
East Cleveland, Ohio


Our Sacred Responsibility: The Raising Up of the Black Child, Wade Nobles, PH.D

Valuing Kujichagulia: A Self-Determination Theory-Based Approach To Evaluating Africentric Rites of Passage Programming, Deborah L. Wasserman, PH.D. and Jason R. Emery, PH.D.

African-Centered Rites of Passage As An Effective Tool For African American Students' Academic Success, Lathardus Goggins II, ED.D

Rites of Passage: The "Rite To Success" For African American Girls, Jacquelyn F. Green, PH.D

Photo Essay of the Tsrupke and Gefia in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa, Useji Eugene Perkins

Bethany House Academy: A Pan-African, African-Centered Model For Implementing An International Rites of Passage Program For Urban Adolescent African-American Males, Anthony B. Mitchell, PH.D

The Rites of Passage: As A Cultural Retooling Process For Black Youth In Their Adolescent To Adulthood Transition, Lance Williams, PH.D

Rites of Passage In Prison Settings: Interrupting Rituals Of Mass Incarceration, Randolph G. Potts, PH.D

Rites of Passage From A Biblical And Socio-Cultural Perspective With A View Toward Helping African-American Faith-Based Institutions To Achieve Cultural Integrity And Spiritual Transformation, Nolan Shaw, PH.D

Themes Or Topics In Rites of Passage Curriculum, Jerry Watson, PHDMSW, Troy Harden, ED.D, LCSW and Gregory Watson, PH.D, LCSW

Adolescent Rites of Passage: History, Backgrounds, Goals, Mafori Moore, Gwen Gilyard, Karen King-King, Nsenga Warfield-Coppock, PH.D

Creating And Supporting The Village To Raise The Child, Paul Hill, Jr, MSW, LISW


Art: Hard Words and Clear Songs, The Writing Of Black Poetry By Haki R. Madhubuti

The Rite of Dance, Melissa Michaels, ED.D

Developing Dramatic Material For Black Children, Useni Eugene Perkins

The Absence Of African American Dance In School Dance/Physical Education Curricula, Frank Ross

The Story Of Me, Kahabi Ganka Isangula, M.D., M.P.H.

Nurturing the Artistic Spirit Of Black Children Through Creative Community Parenting, Amira Millicent Davis, PH.D

Strong Art Strong Youth: An Investigation On Strengthening And Promoting Equitable Out-Of-School Time Youth Programs In Baltimore City, Fanon Hill, Peter Bruun

Storytelling For Life: How Storytelling Serves The Overall Development Of Black Children And Their Struggle To Survival, Edith Mcloud Armstrong

The Art Of Teaching Culturally Specific Drama To Youth, Runako Page

Sankofa Village For The Arts: Building A New African Village For The Future Generations, Anthony B. Mitchell, PhD, Moses Perkins, Darrell D. Baldwin, Arnell Glover-Page

Developing Future Positive Citizens, Naomi E. Millender-Page

Art As Method: A Crafted Counter Story Of Urban Experiences And Implications For Educating Black Youth, Vanessa M. Jones, PH.D


Clothed In Our Right Mind, Paul Hill, Jr, MSW, LISW

Growing Up In The Midst Of Violence: Exploring Its Impact On Children, Natasha Harris

Mothering The Afrikan Community, Amir Millicent Davis, PHD

Project Eighteen: A Pilot Community Prevention Program, Michael Edwards, ED.D and Gloria Jackson Bacon, M.D., M.P.H.

African American Grandparents 2014: Grand families Gain Momentum, Jacquelyn F. Green, PH.D

Cultural Policy: The Missing Tool In The Development Of Black Community Agency And Empowerment, Hubert Jackson-Lawman, PH.D, Barbara Haile, D.S.W


Looking From the Bridge: The Road Behind And The Road Ahead, Paul Hill, Jr, MSW, LISW

Kujichagulia--Self-Determination: A Culturally Appropriate Community and Family Driven and Asset-Based Youth Reclamation Project, Jerry Watson, PH.D and Gregory Washington, PH.D

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Practices Needed For Optimal Self-Determination, Jacquelyn Green

The Avalon Carver Community Center's Winners Sankofa Project: An Evaluation Of An African-Centered Model Of Culturally Specific Alcohol, Tobacco And Other Drug Prevention Youth Practice, Darnell Bell, Phillip Nunn, Anthony B. Mitchell, PH.D

Literature Of Combat Poetry Of Afrikan Liberation Movements, Useni Eugene Perkins


Tactics That Work: African American Diaspora Space Families And Guardians of the Generations, Deborah Wasserman, PH.D, Fanon Hill

We Are Ancestors (An Anthem for the Maroon People), Farika Berhane

Compromised Parenting and Community Violence in the African American Community, William Oliver, PH.D

Community Parenting: Recreating an Approach to the success of Black Youth, Jacquelyn F. Green, PH.D

The Role of Grandfathers, Paul Hill, Jr, MSW, LISW


Photo Collage of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing With Family, Friends, and Colleagues

My Personal Reflection By Lorne Cress Love

The Significance of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's Paradigm For African/Black Psychology, Kobi Kambon, PH.D

Codes of Behavioral Conduct for Black Children, Neely Fuller

Praise Song For Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Our Race Champion, Mama Marimba Ani

The Cress Welsing Institute of Psychiatry And Social Research: Unparalleled Mechanism For Learning, Healing, And Problem Solving, Sabrina Johnson

Creative Expressions, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Melodies for Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Camara Jules P. Harrell

The Intergenerational Power and Impact of Frances Cress Welsing's Theory of Color Confrontation, Kmt G. Shockley and Leniles Frazer

"I Guess I Trust My Kid's School": Parent-Teacher Relationship and Parental Involvement Practices of Low-Income African American Mothers, Dina C. Walker-Devose, PH.D.

Freedom Requires Vigilance, Sala D. Damali

Roots of The Maafa: The Origins of White Supremacy Racism in Slavery in the U.S, Anthony Mitchell, ED.D


Conceptual Confusion and the Persistence of Group Oppression Through Education, Asa Hilliard, PH.D.

A Psychological Theory of Educating the Black Child, Bobby Wright, PH.D.

Society First, Kiahro Hilton

Strength in Families: The Journey Project Model for Engaging Low Income Black Families in Children's Education, Deborah Wasserman, PH.D, Ayize Shawn J. Sabater and Fanon Hill

Experiencing Culture, Encouraging Learning: The National African American Museum of History and Culture, Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, PH.D.

The Emergence of Social Emotional Learning and the Implications for the Black Child, Larthardus Goggins II, ED.D.

Zora Reminded Me to Apologize: The Aya's Family-Lore Project, Wekesa O. Madzimoyo

African Education: Engine For Our Liberation, Mzee Sanyika Anwisye

Educating Children and Youth of African American Descent in the 21st Century, Bernida Thompson, PH.D.


Memorial Tribute to Lerone Bennett, Jr

Building African American Family Strengths With An Afrocentric Foundation, Wade Nobles, PH.D

What Resilient Adolescents Know, Lonna P. Gordon, M.D., PHARMD.

Traumatic Stress and Children, Carl Bell. M.D.

Black Men and Suicide: A Phenomenon or An Escape, Paul Hill, Jr, MSW, LISW

Optimal Health for Our Families, Jawara Hunter, M.D.

African American Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Perceptions of Health Risk Factors, Le’ Roy E. Reese, PH.D


Memorial Tribute to Sharon McBean-Antonio

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