Memorial Tribute to Sharon McBean-Antonio
The Rites of Passage For African Boys, Robin Walker, BSC (HONS) Economics
“I Found My Tribe: An Evaluation of Woodgreen Community Services Rites of Passage Program, Tana Turner, M.A.
African Heritage Education, Racial Socialization and Resilience, MSW, Christine A. Davis, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Practiced Based Research Paper (2012)
African Inspired Rites of Passage in Practice and for People of African Descent: Critical Lessons Learned and Cultivated by Practitioners..When There is No Village, Larthardus Goggins II, ED.D & Terrence Shelton, M.S. ED
Footsteps in The Forest Rites of Passage At The Marlowe Wilderness Retreat, Paul Reid
Parents and Afrocentric Processes, The Need for Parents from the African Diaspora In the UK to Experience Afrocentric Transformation Processes, Eli Anderson, Marleen Joseph & Clifton McDonald
ToolKit#5 Afrikan American Theory, Practice and Curriculum: Selected Resources for Serious Afrikan Practitioners of Afrikan and Afrikan American Rites of Passage Programs, Atiba Coppock, PH.D

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